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Brand Spotlight: Garrett Markenson's Reverie

Garrett Markenson Reverie

If we had to pick one single reason for our love of hairstylist Garrett Markenson’s Reverie product line, it would be this: it actually inspires you to love your hair.

Hold any one of these beautifully formulated, gorgeously packaged items in your hand, and you’ll notice the absence of a lengthy “follow these rules or rue the day you didn’t” instructional paragraph. That’s because, having spent nearly 20 years styling hair, Garrett learned that every head of hair is unique and no single set of instructions will suit us all. Instead, he designed his flexible, foolproof products to invite experimentation.

If you’re a less confident self-stylist (as we tended to be), you might worry you'd feel stranded on Bad Hair Island. But no: there’s just something about Reverie products — the texture, the performance, the smell — that inspires you to actually feel excited to experiment and empowered by the fact that you’re doing so. And we can think of no better sentiments to have about one’s own hair (or most things, come to think of it). Read on to learn more about Garrett’s philosophy, and click here to join his minimalistic, love-your-hair revolution by trying his products.


Ayla: How would you describe your general philosophy towards hair and hair styling?

GARRETT: It’s an intimate craft.  Every client is unique and requires a personally tailored look — suitable for their lifestyle and hair type.


Ayla: And how does that extend to your approach to product creation?

GARRETT: When you talk about a craft, it’s always associated with ethics. Reverie sources its ingredients from small farms around the world that produce them sustainably, maintaining their passion and integrity in every handcrafted bottle. 


Ayla: We love the way you've created products that are suitable for all hair types. What inspired you to do that?

GARRETT: The minimalist lifestyle — quality over quantity — has always been our focus. We wanted to create an edited lineup of hero products, and a lot of thought had to go into their design. I start by being an active listener: I have done hair for over 15 years and owned a salon for 8 of them. The result is that Reverie products live and move with you, whatever your hair texture or type might be.


Ayla: What would you like to change about the way women think about their hair?

GARRETT: Love your natural texture and find someone who knows how to cut it.


Ayla: Your products demonstrate the unusual confidence you have, as a stylist and product developer, in our ability to care for and style our own hair at home. What are the main things you'd like Reverie users to remember when they're opening and trying one of your products for the first time?

GARRETT: My hope is that you will discover your own journey through your experience styling your hair, and that our blend of essential oils will create nostalgic memories along the way.  My hope is also that you’ll share non-toxic hair care with your children and live a simpler life — if only to have better hair days.


Ayla: EVER is our new favorite product. How do you suggest using it?

GARRETT: Whomever, however, whenever, or As Ever.  Wet-dry, clean-dirty, short-long, night or pre-shampoo treatment — or cocktailed in your favorite Reverie products.


7. How would someone decide between MILK and EVER?

MILK is an oil/cream emulsion to help fight against frizz, detangle, strengthen, soften, protect and everything in between; EVER is an oil to prevent split ends, provide omega fatty acids, seal in hydration (water!) and enhance shine.


8. Anything else you'd like to tell us?

If you see someone with great hair, let them know.

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