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Brand Spotlight: Kroma Wellness

Sometime in late 2021, I started hearing about Kroma from my most in-the-know wellness-focused friends, who’d tried the brand’s detox kit and liked it…then found themselves continuing to buy Kroma drinks and snacks simply because they tasted so good.

This made me sit up and pay attention: does anyone ever eat detox snacks because they’re “yummy”? 

Obviously, I had to try a bunch of them; I agreed (yummy), and I got connected to Kroma’s founder, Lisa Odenweller, who’s one of those deeply authentic entrepreneurs we all fall in love with. Before starting Kroma, Lisa had started a superfood café chain, so I understood why she was so committed to great-tasting, healthy food. I also learned, during our first conversation, that she’s a fantastic salesperson.

Here’s an example:

One of the few things I hadn’t tried from the Kroma lineup was the Beauty Matcha Latte, maybe because I like to be different and not try the obvious best sellers first…or maybe because I was so devoted to my morning cup of coffee. But when Lisa heard this, and also learned that I was about to leave for Europe for a few weeks, she said, “Oh, that’s the one that you’ve got to try. I always bring it with me on trips, because — especially in some European countries — coffee can be so acidic and hard on my stomach. This gives me the perfect lift from caffeine, and it’s yummy! It’s satiating, too, so if you don’t have time to sit down and have a proper breakfast, you can just grab something small and it’ll carry you through to lunchtime.”

Yes, I thought, to all of those things. So I packed a jar in my carry-on (it caused mild confusion at the airport in Berlin, but don’t worry, it was fine), and it ended up being one of the most useful things I brought with me. It made mornings a breeze — whether I was staying in a rural Airbnb or a city hotel, I didn’t have to go hunting for a good cup of coffee — and it was indeed both yummy and satiating. I loved it so much, and began to love matcha in general so much, that when I got home, I put away my coffee-making tools and never looked back.

Lisa’s daughter, Lexi, works alongside her mother at Kroma, so I caught up with her to share the Kroma story with you. Read on to learn how it all started; how their matcha latte might become your go-to, too; and why my other favorite Kroma product might be your second essential beverage, just as it has for me.

- Dara


Dara: I’ve been a huge fan of Kroma and its mission for a few years! Can you tell us all how you started, and where you are now in your journey?

LEXI: Kroma launched in July 2021, so we are coming up on our third birthday now! We launched with 18 products and just launched 5 new products in the last two months, with more to come.


Dara: Your products are unusual in that they are very carefully put together from a supplement perspective (that mix of mushrooms and adaptogens in the Beauty Matcha Latte, for example, is perfect) and also very tasty. How have you managed to excel in both areas? 

LEXI: Lisa (my mom) has a talent for making healthy food taste amazing. We sourced the world for the highest quality ingredients you can find on the planet. We also use over 150 different superfoods in all of our products.

One thing that many people don’t realize is that Kroma was made in the kitchen: my mom and I created everything in the kitchen together, including hand making and packing the 5-Day Reset. I made almost 200 Resets by hand before we launched and sent them out to prospective investors, and this is how we raised money during Covid.


Dara: Your Beauty Matcha Latte got me to switch entirely from coffee to matcha, and I've never looked back. Can you tell us what prompted you to create this product, and what you love most about it?

LEXI: The matcha was one of the huge reasons why Kroma started! Lisa used to travel with Mason jars full of superfoods so she could make what is now called “Beauty Matcha Latte” in the hotel rooms and at home. We both swear by the matcha and can't go a morning without it! It's truly changed our lives in the way it makes us feel and how we start our day, and the taste is unmatched.


Dara: Because we know everyone will wonder: how much caffeine is in each scoop of the Beauty Matcha Latte?

LEXI: There is 70mg of caffeine per 1 scoop of the Beauty Matcha Latte, which is about the same as 1 shot of espresso. The difference is that matcha contains a naturally occurring compound called L-theanine, which makes for a much smoother caffeine boost that lasts throughout the day and also helps to relieve stress. Coffee often gives us that jittery feeling and can cause spiked cortisol levels and anxiousness.


Dara: Your Cranberry Hydration Elixir is something that I think so many of us could use. Tell us why you made this one and what you love most about it.

LEXI: I have a hard time drinking enough water plain, and this Cranberry Hydration Elixir gets me to drink so much water every day. We all know the importance of hydration and getting your electrolytes every day, and this is a delicious, refreshing, and effective way of doing so!

Electrolytes consist of elements such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium, which are essential for the human body to function properly. Water on its own lacks these essential elements and minerals. If you are experiencing headaches, thirstiness, fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, muscle weakness, and/or muscle cramps, those can be signs you’re needing more electrolytes in your routine.

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