Emi's summer favorites

As we’ve mentioned before, our wonderful Guide, Emi, has a knack for identifying under-the-radar gems. In honor of the official start of summer 2024, she’s sharing her seasonal favorites with us all. (Want to book a consultation with Emi? You can do that right here. And yes...we wear sweaters during the summer in San Francisco.) 

First up, makeup — these are the three items that I have in my bag constantly throughout the summer. I love how easy it is to use Kosas AirBrow Clear Gel on the go for a slightly more polished look to my brows, and Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara is another must; it coats the lashes almost like a tubular mascara and really stays on. I’ve been using the Brown shade lately. My last favorite makeup product for the summertime is the Kosas WetStick Lip Shine: it’s so moisturizing and comes in the loveliest colors. I’m wearing Hot Beach these days, which is a rosy beige. My lips feel so good when I apply it.

My go-to skincare product during the summer is definitely a mist. It’s great when it’s hot out and I need a refresh, but a heavier moisturizer feels like a bit too much. I also love mists when I’m out in the sun and it feels like my face needs extra care. These are my two favorites at the moment: TWELVE Ultra Revitalising Elixir, one of my all-time favorite products, and Gentlerist Cocoon Dew, which is newer to our shelves. They both have a nice, fine mist and would work well in a beach bag.

I also like beachy hair during the summer, and my favorite product for that is the MARE spray from Reverie. It gets hair nice and volumized and textured, in a fun way. Another go-to for summer is a great body brush to stimulate circulation in the skin; The Organic Pharmacy’s Skin Brush is great since it has a long handle for hard-to-reach spots on your back.

And if I could have just one product with me all summer — or any season — it would be Dara’s Water. One way I try to keep my skin in its best shape and quell any rosacea breakouts is to make sure my skin is fully cleansed at the end of the day. Dara’s Water does that so well; it really does remove SPF and makeup without disrupting the skin’s pH balance. When I’m loading up on SPF and spending more time outside, it’s especially important to me to have a cleanser that will get everything off! Dara’s Water is great as a double cleanse, and it’s also great on its own.

- Emi

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