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Introducing MyHavtorn’s Botanical Oil Serum


MyHavtorn Botanical Oil Serum

MyHavtorn is a brand that’s been very close to our hearts since we became their first US retail partners ten years ago. While “farm to face” had a brief, trendy moment, what we love about MyHavtorn is that they were cultivating and harvesting their own ingredients for generations before that trend emerged — and they’ll continue long after, because it’s simply who they are. Their sea buckthorn-infused products are like nothing else. 

Read on to find out why they upgraded their Facial Serum below.



Dara: I’m always excited when you work on something new, but I also appreciate the fact that you never introduce anything just for the sake of having a new product.

ROBIN: Ever since we started MyHavtorn, we’ve wanted to keep our ingredient lists simple and easy to understand, and yes, the same goes for our product family. But when you like to explore and try new things, keeping a product range small can be a challenge! So, instead of making another product, we decided that the most natural move would be to make an update to our Facial Serum; we’d been looking to make this update for quite some time.


Dara: Why is that?

ROBIN: The original Facial Serum was very light and full of exciting plant oils, but we wanted to add to its rejuvenating and soothing benefits. At our lab in Bollebygd, we have a shelf with new ingredients we are testing, and on this shelf, Bakuchiol has been a rising star. It’s an effective ingredient, extracted from the plant Psoralea Corylifolia, with plenty of antioxidant and smoothing features.

When we added this to our Serum, we made some more twists in the balance, and the day we added Calendula, we felt we stood with a real dream product for the face: a lightweight oil serum, packed with natural plant oils and extracts with soothing and rejuvenating features.


Dara: What do you love most about it?

ROBIN: I personally love its light structure on the skin, its generous amount of rosehip oil together with sea buckthorn and blueberry oil, and the balance between the different oils. Ingrid (my co-founder and partner, who is sitting on a chair behind me as I write this) says she loves how it makes skin feel strong and vital, and how it works around the eye area as well as the face. She also has a little hack to share: it’s an excellent mix-in to the face cream if you’re not using it as a standalone product.


Dara: How do you like to use it?

ROBIN: Add a few drops on clean, damp skin and massage in. If you want extra richness or a daily vitamin boost, add a few drops to your face cream while applying it, Ingrid style :)

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