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Thursday note: my favorite fall ritual

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We’re starting a little Thursday experiment that was inspired by our Instagram question: “Got any questions for Dara?” And it seems you do! A lot. Too many for me to answer in Instagram videos. Which, to be clear, is fantastic; I adore curiosity in others, and few things make me happier than interesting questions.

What was interesting, too, was that nearly half of you were wondering if I could share my current favorite products. So I thought I’d add to our weekly email schedule with a Thursday note, directly from me*, where I’ll share the favorites in my current regimen, how I use them, and why. (And for those of you who don't know me that well yet: you can rest assured that I'm not just making things up! I think one of the highest forms of respect you can offer to another person is to tell them the truth, always.)

I’ll sprinkle in answers to other questions, too, so feel free to respond directly to this email with any topics you’re wondering about. You might see them covered in this email, in our Sunday email, or via Instagram.

And remember: if you have a specific question and would like an answer quickly, please call us or email; our Guides are always happy to help you out, and they know these products like the backs of their hands. 

Ready? All right: here we go.


My favorite fall ritual

Sea Soak

I never took baths before I started developing our Sea Soak. Quite literally, never. I gave my kids baths every day, and yet it never occurred to me to take one. 

But then I began, because bathing in seaweed was so deeply detoxifying; I really needed that at that moment in time. And ever since, a hot bath has been at least a weekly fixture in my routine.

This fall, though, because this pandemic keeps marching on; because election stress is real; and, because after taking care of everyone else all day, I crave some time to just be alone, I’ve been taking baths multiple times a week. Many days, I’ll just sit in Epsom salts since it's quick, but I prepare a Sea Soak as a special treat once a week (actually, my seven-year-old prepares it, since he loves sprinkling in the salt and dropping in the bag of seaweed). And that much more luxurious experience reminds me that nothing comes close to this special Californian seaweed bath. To me, nothing is more nourishing, relaxing, or rejuvenating — three things that so many of us need these days.

Sometimes I’ll use that time to listen to a podcast or read an article I've been saving. But it's tempting to then check my email or news feed, which defeats the purpose. So on Sea Soak nights, I've been leaning more on Andrea Ferretti's guided meditation: I appreciate that she left ample time afterwards to enjoy the silence and clear my head.

Afterwards, I’ll slather my body with Juna Ease Body Oil while my skin is still damp, letting it soak in while I do a quick Gua Sha routine with a blend of YULI Ambrosia and Dara’s Oil. Then I look in the mirror, which is a happy moment after each Sea Soak. Because without fail, I see a fully renewed, vibrant, rejuvenated complexion that matches how I feel. It is like a deep-tissue massage, a trip to my favorite acupuncturist, and a facial, all in one go. All of which is highly satisfying to my efficiency-loving soul. (Old self: you were wrong. You are definitely not too busy to take a bath. You are too busy to NOT take a bath.)

Then I take a few drops of a favorite Bach Flower remedy I mix up for myself, and without fail on these nights, I — a lifelong insomniac — fall into a deep, restorative slumber that leaves me fully recharged for the next day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m planning to gift this to everyone who has access to a tub and could use a little de-stressing this year. To my kids’ teachers, if you’re reading this: sorry to spoil the surprise.



*You might have guessed this, but I also write the Sunday notes. These Thursday missives will just be a little more free-wheeling and focused on the way I've been using my favorites, while our Sunday notes will focus on new products, new advice, and new offers.

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