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A guide to masks from Luzern

Luzern Masks

We think Luzern Labs is the best spa skincare brand you’ll find in any high-end resort. So we think it might also be the best brand to ask about masks — those products that are so good at bringing the spa home, yet can be hard to fit into a regular routine.

Why are masks so good for us, and what’s the best way to fit them into our schedules? We asked Lisamarie DeLucia, Luzern’s head of education and training (and resident skin expert), to weigh in.


Ayla: Why do we need masks, in your opinion?

LISAMARIE: Masking is going to provide a more amplified benefit than a moisturizer can, and each mask targets specific skin needs. There is an instant gratification with masking, as well as long term support for your skin goals.


Ayla: How frequently do you suggest including one in a skincare routine?

LISAMARIE: Ideally, you want to incorporate masking at least once or twice a week—but taking the time to relax is challenging for some people. I love that so many Luzern masks can be incorporated into your normal skincare routine whether overnight while you sleep, or in the morning while you shower.


Ayla: Luzern makes so many of our favorite masks. To help everyone choose the right one to start with, can you give us a quick rundown of the Luzern mask collection and when/for whom you’d suggest each one?

LISAMARIE: Our masks are all formulated for professional spa facials, so they truly deliver results when you use them at home.

- Alpine Rose Nectar Masque is a really lush serum mask that smooths the skin by repairing any cracks in the barrier. Squalane and Alpine Rose Stem Cells increase resiliency and elasticity with healing hydration. The texture makes it perfect to use with any of your favorite tools like Gua Sha or Microcurrent.

- NUIT Hydra Enzyme Masque retexturizes skin through exfoliation. It can be an excellent retinol swap for anyone needing to avoid that ingredient. Pumpkin Enzymes and our signature Multi-Fermentation Complex resurface, hydrate, and brighten. You can sleep in this mask, use it in the shower, or wear for 15 minutes before an event.

- Bio-Cellulose Sculpting Masque is fantastic for instant gratification. Unlike paper sheet masks, biocellulose itself is therapeutic for the skin, plus it has Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Vitamin C, Brown Algae, and Squalane. You get cooling, sculpting, soothing, and blurring effects with a filtered finish. Definitely wear it before an event or photos.

- Emulsion 6 is such a special product. Named for the blend of 6 nourishing oils it contains, this balm to oil to milk formula rescues thirsty, dull skin with Swiss Alpine Organics to calm and soothe. It can be used as a daily deep cleanser, or in the shower or bath as a mask to protect from moisture loss. You can also apply a thin layer under your SPF for harsh climates or winter sports like skiing.


New to Luzern? Check out the Brand Spotlight on our blog. Shop the Luzern lineup here, and don’t miss Force de Vie Crème Luxe, the brand’s first product and forever best seller.

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