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Bach Flower consultations with Gérard

Dara with Gerard
I’m a huge fan of Bach flower essences. My love of these mood-balancing tinctures began in 2016, when I stumbled upon Les Fleurs de Bach — a wonderful little company based in Paris that’s devoted to the preparation of the most effective Bach flower essences in the world (read about their exacting methods here).
Their founder, Gérard, is not only my Bach flower mentor, but also one of those people I am always delighted to hear from, perhaps because his own moods are always so well balanced that talking to him is pure joy. No one knows these flower essences like he does: Gérard opened his first standalone Bach flower clinic in Paris in 1993, the same year he started to produce his own essences in France. The degree of care with which he makes them is incredible (I went on a flower-scouting trip with him in the French Alps and saw this myself), and their results speak to his devotion. 
Gérard, who’s 80, drives for days (and days) to find the perfect flowers; he spends a total of 12 weeks every year looking for them in places that are so remote, Google Maps is useless. You can check out my mini-travelogue on our Instagram Stories highlights to see how far we traveled into the Alps to find honeysuckle. When Gérard says, matter-of-factly, “You need to find the very best flowers,” he means it. 
This kind, perceptive, happy octogenarian is an inspiration to us all at Ayla, especially when he says things like, “Yes, I’d like to do some Bach flower consultations for your clients. I just can’t do them during the week when I’ll be skiing in the Alps.”
Wait, what?
Yes, he’s going skiing in the Alps at 80. And yes, he’s offering Bach flower consultations to all of you! 
During your half hour on WhatsApp with Gérard, he’ll listen deeply to how you’re feeling, he’ll gently ask some questions, and poof: like magic, he’ll come up with exactly the right flower combination for your bespoke blend. (I’ve seen him do this before; it’s amazing.) He’ll also provide you with some guidance on other combination elixirs and Bach flower products that might be particularly supportive to you. You’ll finish your call with the deep peace of someone who’s been profoundly heard, and in less than a week, voilà: your bespoke blend will be on your doorstep. 
Cost: $110. Deep peace: priceless.
This is such a fun opportunity, and a perfect way to celebrate our birthday month at Ayla. I am so excited for some of you to meet this dear friend of mine. Grab one of these spots here.
PS Don’t worry – the consultations will be in English!

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