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Brand spotlight: EVOLVh hair care

Boris from Evolvh at Ayla

EVOLVh is one of those brands with impeccable timing. It first came to us in 2015, just when we were feeling slightly hopeless about our search for healthier hair care. And last week, when we were thinking that we really need more hair products on our shelves, EVOLVh’s founder, Boris Oak, popped in for a visit. To our delight, he showed us some new products that are not only excellent but also might fall under the “where has this been all my life” category — especially if you color your hair. 

If you don’t already know the story behind this company, it’s a great one: EVOLVh is a partnership between Boris, who grew up in hair salons (his family's salon had the highest sales of Bumble & bumble on the West coast), and Gary Smith, the chemist responsible for such hair product superstars as Jhirmack, Jheri Curl, Frizz-Ease, and KMS (he’s the “S” in KMS). Boris asked Gary if he could help him make a natural and non-toxic alternative to high-end salon products; Gary, a recent convert to natural and non-toxic personal care formulas, happily said yes. And according to Gary's wife of 30+ years, EVOLVh is the best product line he's ever created, perhaps because they improve the condition of your hair over time so that it’s easier to style — or wash, go, and deal with as needed.

We’re no less enthusiastic about this lineup, which is excellent across the board. Even more excellent? Its recent packaging update, which organizes the extensive lineup into families that make their products easier to choose from.

Boris generously shared his advice and tips with us on both color care and volume — two frequently-asked-about hair topics — and we liked what he said so much that we’ve shared it with you on our blog. Because no matter how great a hair product might be, a little extra guidance can help you get the most out of it.

And if you need any help choosing the right formulas for your hair, just give us a call or email us at If you don’t already know this, you do now: we love giving advice and opinions.

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