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Facial Massage for Puffiness

To some degree, under-eye puffiness is inevitable. As we age, skin becomes less taut without youthful muscle and fat around the eye providing as much support as they might have previously — a situation that also makes fluid more likely to collect there.

Adding fuel to the puff are all the things that come with our current “what is even HAPPENING right now?” moment. Stress-induced cortisol, lack of exercise, tears, alcohol, and salty comfort snacks all can shift the balance of salt in your body, leading to water retention and puffiness. And whether you’re sleeping soundly or not, you may notice puffy eyes when you wake up simply because you’ve been horizontal for several hours.

Thankfully, our magical esthetician, Sarah, is a master at de-puffing massage, and she’s shared a routine that you can do at home in just a few minutes here.

Sarah says, “To address puffiness, we want to encourage the flow of lymph — the amazing clear fluid that our cells are bathed in. Movement and massage are fantastic for this. This particular massage sequence is done through sweeping movements outwards and downwards, using light pressure since the neck and under-eye area are delicate. To prep the skin for massage, apply a few drops (or more, if needed) of BioRecept Global Sun’Shine and/or your favorite face oil to a clean, damp face.”

Like us, you may find this video not only instructional, but mesmerizing. (How does she get her hands to move like that? We’re not sure. We’re still practicing.)

PS If you'd like to book a one-on-one virtual in-depth skincare consultation with facial massage instruction with Sarah, you can do so on our scheduling page.

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