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From hair loss to hair longevity: EVOLVh Better Roots


Evolvh Better Roots

Scalp care has been (deservedly) trending for some time, but we think scalps could still use a little more love — especially when it comes in the form of a product that’s this good. EVOLVh Better Roots RootBoost Serum might be our favorite product ever from this Ayla-favorite haircare brand: it’s a fast absorbing, water-light scalp serum that we absolutely adore, made with actives that are clinically proven to reduce hair loss in addition to stimulating new hair growth. Find out from its creator, Boris Oak, why it's so good.


Dara: I’m excited that you’ve started to delve into solutions for healthier hair growth! Tell us how you became interested in this challenge.

BORIS: The funny thing is that hair loss is subjective: unless you’re literally counting hairs, it’s hard to tell exactly how much you’re losing beyond what’s typical. Natural shedding takes place for everybody — usually right around 100 hairs per day — and especially if you have longer hair, that looks like a lot of hair!

If you’re losing much more than that, you’re generally losing hair faster than you’re replenishing it, but it can be hard to figure out if that’s happening. This adds to the frustration around hair loss.

So I think we should reframe the conversation, shifting it from hair loss to hair longevity. After all the research I’ve done, I’m 100% convinced that this is the next frontier where it comes to hair health.


Dara: I love this reframe! How do you define “hair longevity”?

BORIS: Rather than treating the symptom, you’re addressing the root causes of hair loss and declining hair health. It’s similar to the difference between taking an Advil for a headache (treating the symptom) and realizing that you’re dehydrated and not drinking enough water (treating the root cause).

Here, you’re realizing that hair loss is the result of certain processes that aren’t working optimally within the cells of our hair follicles. Hair is first created via protein synthesis that takes place in the follicle; when this process doesn’t work correctly, we see a reduction in density, or hair loss. And it doesn’t just happen with hair; as we age, all of our bodies’ cellular processes stop working as optimally as before, across all of our body’s systems.

This process tends to start very early, just after age 20. There’s a phrase I love: “Everything happens gradually, and then suddenly.” Hair loss is the result of a gradual process that probably occurred over a long period of time, but suddenly you see it because it all adds up. On top of that are additional things that can speed up the process, like stress, diet, and hormonal activity.


Dara: Is there anything we can do to optimize and support the processes involved in hair health?

BORIS: There absolutely is. Hair longevity is about our ability to stimulate those cells of the hair follicles — to support them with nutrients that would help them work more efficiently for a longer period of time. The earlier you start, the better: the best time to make sure you get these nutrients is before you really, really need them. (Just like with skincare.) As I started learning about all of this, I began to look for a variety of active ingredients that were clinically proven to stimulate those hair follicle cells, and there are some really great ones out there.


Dara: And you put them all in the Better Roots Serum! Tell us about them.

BORIS: Well, I developed the formula over time, looking for compounds that took different pathways towards stimulating and supporting the cells. Since sometimes you don’t know which pathway will be the most effective for any given person, it increases the probability that it will really make a difference for everyone using it.

First, there are 6 different clinically-proven actives to stimulate protein synthesis and support the health of the scalp; one of these ingredients is also clinically shown to support melanin synthesis. (Going gray is also the result of a breakdown in the cellular processes within the hair follicles, so melanin synthesis can also be extended with the right compounds.) You rarely see a scalp treatment with more than one of these types of ingredients, and I’ve never seen any with more than three. So I think this blend makes the product much more powerful and well-rounded. These actives are:

  • Swiss Apple stem cells
  • Copper tripeptide
  • Pea sprout extract
  • Basil Hairy Root extract
  • Amla fruit extract
  • Greek Mandarin extract

Then, there are four other ingredients included to boost the health of the skin on the scalp, since it’s also important to “nourish the soil.” The skin on the scalp is very delicate, similar to the skin on your eyelids. It’s very easily irritated. So, we’ve included:

  • Mushroom beta-glucan to hydrate and soothe
  • Red willow bark ferment to nourish the skin microbiome and help with flaky pores
  • Prickly pear extract to hydrate and calm
  • Alpine Rose stem cells to address irritation and UV-induced damage
  • You’ve probably seen these in skincare products before, but all four have never been in a scalp product before.

And it’s all in a base of rose hydrosol, which is a natural pH balancer.


Dara: Thank you for that summary — it is so unusual to see this many goodies in a product made for the scalp. What might people notice while using Better Roots, and when?

BORIS: A lot of people first notice that their scalp feels better right away, especially if you tend to have an itchy or sensitive scalp. We’ve also been hearing a lot from users with flaky scalps: it significantly reduces or helps that completely subside. It can even help rebalance oily scalps.

Over time, in about 3-5 months, you’ll notice improvement in hair growth, and you might notice then that it helps extend the time between your hair color appointments a bit. (So if you want to go gray later, start using it earlier!) 

And it’s good for anybody and everybody. It has so many benefits and works with all hair and scalp types.


Dara: What’s the best way to use it?

BORIS: You’ll notice that the dropper fills about 1/3 of the way up. For most people, three of those fills will cover your scalp. If you use it daily, the bottle should last 45-60 days, which I think is a good value given the number of actives you’re getting.

The ideal time to use it is right after you wash, while skin is still damp, because that’s an easy way to remember how to include it in your routine. But you can maximize benefits by using it every day, applying it anytime, whether hair is wet or dry.

And that’s another key component that I think is important to know: this serum doesn’t leave unwanted residue on the hair – it doesn’t make it greasy or oily. You probably won’t even know it’s there. It won’t interfere with your hairstyle and you can really apply it anytime. It’s super easy.


The son of two successful stylists and salon owners, Boris just knows a lot about hair. Check out our other interviews with Boris here.

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