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Hand care from Natalie's Cosmetics

Dr. Natalie Lindner saw a need for high-quality, science-focused body care products that are as rich in active ingredients as high-end facial serums, and we saw a need for them, too: we were so proud to become Natalie’s first retail partner in the US last month.

Many of you clearly saw a need for them as well, which we loved (it’s always exciting to see products sell out their first day on our shelves). Now, Natalie’s introducing another pair of products we think we could all use: Repair Hand Cream and Better Aging Hand Cream.

Find out what prompted Natalie to create them and learn what makes their formulas special in her interview with Dara. And to learn more about this unique brand from Munich, take a look at our Brand Spotlight, too.

Natalie's hand cream

Dara: Your body care products have been quite a sensation at Ayla! We were so excited to get these hand creams as your next addition to the lineup. Tell us what prompted you to create them.

Natalie: Your hands do so much work, and they’re so important. They hold the hands of your children, they hold your engagement rings. If you buy fancy jewelry and get your nails done, but your hands look bad, that just doesn’t seem right. (You can skip the manicure if you take care of your hands!) The hands are also vulnerable to infections and can be the first place you see the signs of aging. 


Dara: Speaking of which, your Better Aging Hand Cream is a particular favorite with our team. Tell us about this one.

Natalie: I love the concept of using the Better Aging Body Oil and Hand Cream together, as a whole routine. I used the term “Better Aging” because I’m not a fan of the “anti-aging” products; they feel as though they were created out of marketing campaigns written by older men with no charm. Another benefit is that they make a more positive gift, if you’re thinking of giving these products as presents.

The Better Aging Hand Cream doesn’t contain retinol because a lot of people won’t use SPF on their hands due to the feel of it, and also because you’re constantly washing your hands. Instead, we use bakuchiol and guggul resin along with ingredients that soothe, like squalane and panthenol.


Dara: The Repair Hand Cream is also lovely (and a fantastic gift).

 Natalie: The formula for Repair Hand Cream is focused on aloe vera, almond oil, panthenol, and niacinamide, which work together to soothe the skin and replenish its barrier. They’re super powerful for treating irritated hands. Almond oil is also really good for your nails, but without greasiness. The highlight of Repair Hand Cream is that it sinks into the skin really quickly, because no one has time to wait!


She's so right: maybe there are some people who like to wait for their body care products to absorb, but that doesn't tend to be our favorite activity. Shop the entire fast-absorbing Natalie's lineup here.

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