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Why we need eye cream: an expert opinion from Dr. Macrene Alexiades

With dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD

Do we really need to use eye cream? In this video that Dr. Macrene Alexiades made just for us, she explains — in her characteristically impossible-to-argue-with way — that the eye area simply has its own set of challenges that require specific actives. (Puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines, we’re talking about you.)

Also characteristically, Dr. Macrene put all the actives she could find to address all of these challenges — and then some — in one pot, in the Macrene Actives High Performance Eye Cream. There’s nothing not to like about this winner. Hear what Dr. Macrene has to say about it below, then learn more about the product here.

**And if you'd like to learn even more about eye area care from Dr. Macrene, join us for our live masterclass with her on Monday, February 27 at 2pm PT. Email for the details!**

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