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A quick guide to our go-to supplements

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Do we really need supplements? What with all the latte powders and pills overwhelming social media these days, it might be tempting to just throw in the towel and say, “You know what? I’m going to zig where others zag and take NO supplements. None. Hmph!”

And, you know, you could probably do that. For many people, a nutrient-packed diet will give them most everything they need. But here’s the rub (and the reason why so many of us take them): it can be hard to make sure that diet is nutrient-packed on a daily basis. Life just gets in the way, and proactively taking a good-for-you pill (or tincture, or powder) or two can be a great idea. Here’s a quick guide to our go-to supplements by category.


For immune support

Activist Manuka Honey, 850+ MGO: the honey to parsimoniously dole out by the teaspoonful to yourself and loved ones to stave off a cold. It’s also what you’d apply – a little less parsimoniously — to your face as a soothing, healing, acne-fighting mask.

Dr. Anna Gold Defend: an herbal tincture created to naturally boost immunity and defend against colds and viruses using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Dr. Anna Gold Build Sleep: an herbal tincture designed to support the body's natural sleep cycles (don't forget how important sleep is to immune support).


For a radiant complexion

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Radiance: a vegan supplement with hyaluronic acid and a host of other goodies (glucosamine, zinc, MSM, vitamin C, rosehip, goji, and acai) to support the skin and joints.

Glow For Good: a well-rounded "moisturizer from within" with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants CoQ10 and lycopene, and Vitamin D and enzymes to support the immune and digestive systems.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil: a freshly-pressed, organic, pure fruit oil from the MyHavtorn farm in Sweden that's naturally rich in vitamins A and C as well as a full suite of nourishing essential fatty acids, including the hard-to-find Omega 7.


For stress

The Organic Pharmacy Magnesium Stress Complex: an everyone-can-use-this supplement with magnesium along with highly bioavailable Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Zinc to support the bones, nervous system, muscles, and immune system while helping to reduce fatigue.

Dr. Anna Gold Balance: our favorite ingestible elixir to alleviate PMS and its attendant stress and feelings of irritability. It's based on a mood-balancing, nervous-system-harmonizing Chinese formula that dates back to 990 AD, and yet it somehow seems to be the quintessential remedy for modern day tensions.

Les Fleurs de Bach Stress Elixir: another favorite that helps you surf waves of stress with greater control and serenity. This Bach Flower remedy is also available in the form of fun, sugar-free gummy pastilles.


For a healthy gut

The Organic Pharmacy Detox Capsules: a powerful but gentle supplement to support full-body detoxification through a variety of cellular mechanisms. It's been a tried and true fixture on our shelves since our earliest days.

27 Rosiers Gutta Move On: a "cleanser from within" that's a particular winner for skin that struggles with breakouts and congestion.

Bio-Kult: an excellent, broad-spectrum, shelf-stable probiotic that's beloved by nutritionists worldwide for its efficacy.

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For specific skin conditions

Dr. Anna Gold Dispel Tincture: an herbal tincture designed to soothe itchy, inflamed, red, irritated skin and support healing from within.

Dr. Anna Gold Clear Tincture: an herbal tincture designed to calm breakouts and support healing in acne-prone skin.

Dr. Anna Gold Elevate Tincture: an herbal tincture designed to revive and restore dry, sallow skin that has lost its luster and elasticity — and a tired brain and body that feel similarly depleted from years of fatigue and hard work.


All-around stars

The Organic Pharmacy Phytonutrients + MSM: a holistic supplement that supports digestion, immune health, skin & connective tissues — one of our favorites for hectic, stressful times or travel.

Mija Superstar: a matcha-based, energizing superfood supplement with a detoxifying boost


Any topic discussed in this article is not intended as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please check with your doctor. 

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