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BioRecept's founder on switching skincare products, rosacea, and other FAQs

This action-packed interview with BioRecept creator Anne Dupouy-Camet covers a whole lot of skincare related topics that were hard to capture in a single blog post title: why her Mousse de Peau helps to keep skin cells on their toes while doing no harm, how regular exfoliation can potentially backfire, and why the marvelous Total Lift Eclat works wonders on issues as varied as rosacea, sagging skin, dullness, dark circles, fine lines. And, perhaps most intriguingly: which combination of products can help both with fussy perimenopausal skin and, as Anne put it with her usual directness, “A woman who has acne and needs to get married.”


BioRecept founder Anne Dupouy-Camet

Dara Kennedy: Mousse de Peau is one of your favorite products (and one of ours!). What makes it so special to you?
ANNE DUPOUY-CAMET: It combines hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin with sebo-regulating ingredients like epilobium fleischeri, which makes it particularly good for those who don’t enjoy the feeling of cream cleansers but tend to get dehydrated.
It also has a pH of 5.5, which is one of the reasons why it feels so good on the skin. My inspiration in creating it was to develop a cleanser that did no harm! It’s very versatile, and I often recommend it to those who have been using the same regimen for a long time.

Dara: Why is that?
ANNE: I think it is good to change one’s regimen every once in awhile so that the skin cells receive new signals and behave differently. For example, if you usually use a scrub, your skin can get used to it and, I think, become less capable of doing the job of exfoliation itself.

Dara: While we’re on the subject — do you think exfoliation is necessary?
ANNE: It depends on the person and the situation, and the environment. But in some cases, a little massage with a scrub on occasion can help. I think they are particularly helpful on dull skin and thicker skin: male skin tends to be thicker than female skin, as does the skin of frequent smokers. Gommage Bio is a chameleon product that can be used as a mask first, then massaged and removed with a cotton pad or cloth that is slightly wet with cool water.

Dara: Another favorite is Total Lift Eclat. What do you love about this one?
ANNE: It is a unique combination of different hyaluronic acid chains, complexed with plant extracts whose job is to maintain the health of the skin’s microvessels. This makes it great for mature skin and those with rosacea.

Dara: You don’t often see products that are helpful for those with rosacea that also provide such significant benefits for mature skin. What do most people comment on when they’re using it?
ANNE: Most notice a lifting and plumping effect from the peptides and short chain hyaluronic acid, but also a radiance-boosting effect from the long chain hyaluronic acid. And it can even be used around the eyes: due to its positive effect on the microvessels, it is helpful for dark circles, and you can massage it on the eyelid for a lifting effect. It is a wonderful product; dermatologists in Paris like to use it on top of Neobio or HydraFluide (sometimes I call it Hydra'Vitamine B, it is the same thing) for those who need more moisture and struggle with lines or wrinkles.

Dara: Why would you apply Total Lift Eclat on top of those formulas?
ANNE: These particular formulas have a thin texture and give the hyaluronic acid something to stick to. Total Lift Eclat can also be applied over lighter creams like Bouclier Bio. If you’re using thicker creams or oils, you can apply Total Lift Eclat underneath; you won’t get what I call the “3D lifting effect” this way, but you still get all the other benefits.

Dara: You’ve mentioned that Neobio is helpful for rosacea as well.
ANNE: Yes, this is another super product. I find it appropriate for rosacea prone skin because an acidic environment can make the mites that trigger rosacea flares less apt to cause damage to the skin’s microvessels. It also has short-chain hyaluronic acid to trigger healing. And it is excellent for periomenopausal skin.

Dara: Why is Neobio so helpful during perimenopause?
ANNE: It helps regulate oil production and keeps skin from becoming dull and congested, which is a nice benefit when combined with Total Lift Eclat during perimenopause. Then, as women shift into menopause, LycOconfort is very helpful since skin can become quite dry and ruddy at that time.
By the way, I also find that with women I see who have acne and are preparing for a wedding, they find excellent results using Neobio under Total Lift Eclat, day and night!


Shop the BioRecept range here, and learn more about the brand in our Brand Spotlight.

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