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The Standard Hair Oil from EVOLVh: behind the formula

Years ago, EVOLVh’s founder, Boris, sent Dara a sample of a new oil he’d just found — bataua fruit oil — during a trip to the Amazon. He asked, “What do you think?” She responded, “This is perfect for hair! Lightweight, non-greasy…you’ve got to make a hair oil with it!”
EVOLVh The Standard Hair Oil was worth the wait — so named because, as Boris puts it, “It sets a new performance standard for hair oils.” Learn more about it from Boris in this interview, including how it differs from his other hit product, Wonderbalm.

Dara: You told me that The Standard Hair Oil is the best product you’ve ever made. Strong words, especially given how many winners you have in the EVOLVh lineup! What do you like most about this one?

First of all, the efficacy and the performance. We’re using some new, cutting-edge ingredients that really differentiate it from any other hair oil: it’s light and non-greasy, but moisturizing and nourishing. The amount of shine you get in the hair is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and it’s incredibly de-frizzing. Plus, you get clinically proven heat protection at temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a 10/10 on so many things: boosting shine, reducing frizz, adding moisture, preventing breakage, heat protection, and UV protection.
Secondly, as far as the ingredients are concerned, it’s so pure: it’s a true oil, with no polymers or silicones. A lot of hair oils on the market are actually not true oils. The primary oil we use in it, bataua oil, is sustainably harvested and it’s just beautiful.
On top of that, the scent is addictive and 100% natural. It’s an oil that’s high-performance, luxurious, and truly eco-responsible.

Dara: We’re big fans of Wonderbalm, too. How would I choose between the two products?

Wonderbalm is going to be the right product if you’re looking for curl definition, or if you’re looking for something to help you blow-dry your hair so that it’s smooth and straight.
The Standard Hair Oil is going to be much more nourishing. Wonderbalm is great for reducing frizz, but there’s nothing in the formula that really nourishes or helps repair hair and prevent breakage.
You could use them together if you want the benefits of Wonderbalm (reducing frizz without weight) plus the nourishing aspects of the oil. Generally speaking, though, I find The Standard to be more universal. Even fine hair can use it.

Dara: How do you suggest applying it?

BORIS: The Standard Hair Oil works amazingly well on wet or damp hair. If you’re just going to air-dry, it’s fantastic; you can use it just by itself. If you already use one of our leave-in conditioners, like SmartStart, you’d apply the leave-in spray and then follow with the oil. But you can also just go straight to the oil: it’s a great standalone product if you’re ordering nothing else from the line.
When you apply it, start with one pump on wet or damp hair. (People are sometimes a little scared by that amount, but no one ends up too greasy. It’s the first oil that will work beautifully even for people with fine hair — it’s such a surprise for a lot of them.) You can also use it as a finishing oil on dry hair.
And if you really struggle with frizz, you can apply it to your hair either before you shampoo or right after you condition. If you keep it in the shower and get the oil on your hair while it’s really wet, it’ll penetrate deeper; this is very helpful for reducing frizz because it locks moisture into the hair. This trick works with Wonderbalm, too, by the way.

Dara: Anything else we should know about The Standard?

BORIS: It’s a product that ends up being better than whatever I say! Everyone tells us it’s the best hair oil they’ve ever used.

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