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Fall 2022 makeup tips from Manasi7's founder

Manasi7 fall color Mangala

Susanne Manasi Persson is a Stockholm-based makeup artist who’s our oracle for seasonal makeup trends: everything she suggests — and creates through Manasi7 — is utterly modern, sophisticated, and wearable. The surprise this season? Go for it and pair a smoky eye with a power lip. (We know: scandalous!) Read on for Dara’s mini-interview with Susanne.


Dara: What are some color trends you’re noticing for this fall?

Susanne: I see a trend for a smoky eye and power lip. The eyes should look smudged on, like charcoal. Our Eye Glow Colour in Jardin and Precision Mascara in Obsidian together with All Over Colour in Damaskino or Kuranberi on lips are the perfect products for creating that type of look.

Manasi7 Eye Glow Colour Jardin  
Manasi7 Eye Glow Colour in Jardin


Manasi7 Precision Mascara
Manasi7 Precision Mascara

 Manasi7 Damaskino
Manasi7 All Over Colour in Damaskino

Manasi7 Kuranberi  
Manasi7 All Over Colour in Kuranberi

Dara: Is there anything you’re finding particularly surprising or inspiring in makeup these days?

Susanne: It is very inspiring to see how talented people are to create their own makeup looks: they know exactly where to apply the eyeshadow, highlighter and how to mix and match colors. It was not this way when I started working in the industry as a makeup artist in the late ‘90s.


Dara: Let’s say, hypothetically, creating one’s own makeup look is not exactly one’s forte. Can you give us a few quick ideas to update makeup for fall in an easy way?

Susanne: I would suggest getting a dark eyeshadow — either cream or powder-based, but almost black. Jardin would work for this. That you can use as a soft liner, as an eyeshadow, and on the eyebrows (depending on the color of your brows, of course). Also, a berry, wine, or reddish-brown lip color, like Mangala, is a good addition and switch for the usual nudes, pinks and corals that were suitable for the summer. 

Manasi7 Mangala
Manasi7 All Over Colour in Mangala

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