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Two of Dr. Pedro Catalá's favorite products from TWELVE right now

Don't you often want to know what a founder's favorite products are? At the start of a long winter, TWELVE founder Dr. Pedro Catalá leans on the Ideal Rebalancing Facial Serum and Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil.

TWELVE founder Pedro Catala

Pedro writes:

The Ideal Rebalancing Facial Serum and Intelligent Frontier Facial are two of my favorite products these days, and I pair them together in own routine. Simply put, both contain key ingredients which are part of the protective layer of our skin; mixing or using them together is a good way to provide our skin with the precise elements that it needs.

I thought I would share some quick facts about them. 

The Ideal Rebalancing Level Serum is designed to perfectly hydrate the surface of the skin. Although it has been designed with combination skin in mind, it suits every skin type and provides the following important benefits:

- High antioxidant efficacy
- Optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid to fight dehydration
- Improvement of water retention (the good kind!) on skin’s surface, thanks to complex sugars that help reduce the dreaded TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) due to some complex sugars that improve water retention.
- Additionally, new studies have revealed how this product helps maintain a healthy microbiome. It is a fixture in my routine for many reasons.


The Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil is my favorite facial oil ever because it’s light in texture, but packed with paramount natural ingredients. It works very well not only on dry and mature skin, but also on combination and oily or acne-prone skin. Here is why it works so well, in my opinion:

- Its combination of oils actually balances oil production in the skin and even improves the quality of sebum over time: it does this in part with linoleic acid, which counteracts excessive production of oleic acid
- Its unsaponifiables also replenish key lipids in the skin to fortify the skin’s barrier, making it less vulnerable to external factors such as cold temperatures and strong wind
- It has been proven to increase the deposits of filaggrin, one of the most important proteins in our skin

Used together, these two products provide skin with just what it needs for healthy, balanced skin.


These two products are beautifully designed and made — and it's no wonder, given Pedro's credentials. Check out our TWELVE Brand Spotlight to learn more about him, and shop the TWELVE lineup here.

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