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Manasi7's Summer 2024 Makeup Shade Guide

Summer is a great season to play with makeup, and we always look forward to the list of must-have summer shades we get from Susanne Manasi Persson, a Stockholm-based makeup artist who weaves her thoughtful approach to color throughout her Manasi7 brand.

The color of the summer

This year’s list starts with her newest All Over Colour, Setsunai (pictured above)— a beautiful coral for lips and cheeks, inspired by the richness and warmth of the sunset. This lively, radiant tangerine shade will add warmth and brightness to any skin tone, and Susanne tells us it’s the go-to shade for spring, summer, and early fall 2024.

Application tips

Susanne advises, “Use Setsunai on lips and cheeks as is, or combine with All Over Shine for a glossy finish. Pair it with our Bronzelighter Roseate as a cream bronzer to add a sun-kissed glow to the skin, and keep the rest of your face simple – All Over Shine on lips for a glossy touch, and a few coats of mascara. Pair Setsunai on lips with our Eye and Lip Definer in Macao for more definition.”

The full shade list

To round things out and prepare you for summer events, Susanne provided a full list of suggestions that are perfectly on trend this summer:

All Over Colour in Setsunai, Fuchsine, and Dianthus

Bronzelighter Roseate

Strobelighter Sunsubiro

Eye Glow Colour Chaminade

All Over Shine

Precision Mascara Obsidian

Eye and Lip Definer Macao

You can't go wrong with anything from this makeup brand, whose gorgeously pigmented products and astute, incredibly kind founder we adore. Learn more about it in our Brand Spotlight.

One-on-one makeup help

Looking for more application tips or a just-for-you makeup routine? Whether you’re local or not, you can work with one of our makeup pros for specific application and shade-matching tips — check out the options and book a lesson here!

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