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Dr. Macrene Alexiades shares her Macrene Actives routine

Dr. Macrene Alexiades skincare routine

We were thrilled to see Dr. Macrene Alexiades at our latest SF event: it is always so much fun to connect with the brand founders we’ve worked with for years, and every time we chat with Dr. Macrene, we a) learn an enormous amount, and b) come away from the conversation thinking, “Wait, I need to grab one of those gems before we run out of them.”

(In Dara’s case, she scooped up a cleanser, which is one of her favorite items in the line and one she thinks of as “perimenopause magic.”)

Below, we’ve shared our notes from our time with Dr. Macrene: she discusses the exact way she uses the Macrene Actives lineup on her own skin. Since no one knows these products better than she does, it’s a method you’ll probably want to follow. 


Step 1: Macrene Actives High Performance Cleanser

Dr. Macrene pointed out to us that an effective cleanser is very important for removing not only makeup and sunscreen, but also pollution particles that can accelerate aging. She suggests lathering it up in your hands, applying it to the face, and leaving it on for 15-30 seconds before rinsing in order to deliver its actives to your skin.

And they’re great actives: the High Performance Cleanser contains three types of vitamin B. There’s niacinamide to help with blemishes; biotin, which is anti-sebum; and panthenol, which is very nurturing. It also contains pentavitin, a plant-derived polypeptide, to lock in hydration – so while there’s no oil in the formula, it helps keep you moisturized — and heaps of plant-derived antioxidants, including green tea, aloe, pomegranate, olive, and mint.

Key tip: When rinsing your face, keep it gentle. Dr. Macrene suggests not using a washcloth or muslin cloth; as she told us, “The less friction, abrasion, and trauma, the better your skin will be throughout your lifetime. Wrinkles form after repeated trauma to the skin, so the less friction and abrasiveness, the better.”


Step 2: Macrene Actives High Performance Face Cream

Pat dry, and while your skin is still damp (within seconds), apply the High Performance Face Cream. Use a hazelnut sized amount, applied evenly to the four quadrants of your face.

In keeping with the friction-minimizing approach described above, she doesn’t massage it into her skin but focuses instead on smoothing it on for an even application. Dr. Macrene pointed out, “Remember, you’re not smearing on a moisturizer, you’re delivering active ingredients to the skin. When you understand that concept, you see that there’s no need to massage it on. You just get it on there.”


Step 3: Macrene Actives High Performance Face Serum

Counterintuitively (due to the liposomal encapsulation of the actives in the Cream), follow the Cream with the Serum: put a pump of Serum on the back of your non-dominant hand, then apply to the face. Because it’s designed to address laxity, concentrate on the jawline and forehead: as we get older, these areas tend to descend due to laxity.


Step 4: Macrene Actives Neck & Décolletage Treatment

Next, you’ll want to apply the Neck & Décolletage Treatment, because it’s the best way to address aging on the neck (Dr. Macrene noted that the procedures that most cosmetic dermatologists will perform on the face and body can’t be performed on the neck itself due to the position of the thyroid).  

Put a pump or so of formula on the back of your non-dominant hand, then apply it starting on jawline, moving down to the chest. On the chest, work it onto the skin in semicircular motion to ensure even distribution. If you have any extra product on your hands, you can use it as a hand cream.


Step 5: Macrene Actives High Performance Eye Cream & Lip Filler

Apply the Eye Cream — the Macrene Actives best seller — to the bone in a semicircle moving towards the inner corner of the eye. Pat it in, then very lightly swipe it towards the nose to help drain puffiness. Dr. Macrene pointed out that because the eyelids are very thin, any eye products should be applied to the bony area around the eye, not directly on the eyelid.

Next, apply the Lip Filler: it’s packed with actives and designed to replace injections, but does so in a way that doesn’t sting or irritate. (We’re big fans.)


Step 6: Body care & makeup, as needed 

Then, apply your body product. Dr. Macrene’s favorite is the Skyros Body Cream: “It’s my latest formula, and it’s face-care grade.”

Before heading out to the door, add the Tinted Moisturizer wherever it’s needed. Dr. Macrene suggests starting with a lentil size amount, noting that a bottle can last you 6 months: “Use your ring finger and dab it on places where you care to place it. It contains pore reducers, so it’s particularly good around the nose.”

Dr. Macrene usually then puts the Concealer in her bag and carries it with her to apply as needed. Her top tip: “If you wear a Medium on the face in either the Concealer or the Tinted Moisturizer, go one shade lighter under the eyes with concealer. It really makes the eyes look brighter and it’s great for luminosity.”


Overwhelmed by the steps? Here’s another great tip 

Further thrilling us, Dr. Macrene also mentioned, “These products are meant to be very practical for those of us who are very busy women. So you don’t feel like you have to do it all; even if you just get some if it on, you know that you have your bases covered.

“For example, when I travel, I’ll take just the cream in the winter or just the serum in the summer — and during the summer in particular, if you’re in a high-humidity environment, it’s great to use just the serum. If I’m traveling in the winter and I don’t have the Neck & Décolletage Treatment, I’ll use the Body Cream on my neck and chest. They’re versatile.”


Thank you, Dr. Macrene, for making this lineup of incredibly thorough, marvelously effectively, highly usable products. We’re forever fans.

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